These links contain rules for rostered Sport that is run by the LSSSA in Launceston. Most versions are modified from the Sports original codes to account for variation in Primary school students. Certain sports do not have links to rules as the LSSSA has chosen to use the original rules for the sport without modification.

Summer Sports:

Super 8 – Cricket 8 rules

Basketball – FIBA Basketball rules 2006

Orienteering – Introducing Orienteering to Tasmanian schools

Touch Football – Primary School Rules Touch

Speedball – Speedball Rules

T-Ball – Tball Rules

Winter Sports:

Football – Football Rules

Netball – Netball Rules

Soccer –

Hockey – Hockey Rules

King Ball (Modified Volleyball) – Kingball Rules

Rostered Sport Protocols:

Expected start time
Teams are expected to be ready to play by 1.30pm. Where school circumstances
permit, teams should arrive by 1.20pm to allow for warm up and organisation for a
prompt start. Please try to organise school timetables so that coaches receive their
awarded thirty minute lunch break prior to boarding buses etc.
** if you know your arrival time will be significantly different please contact the school
you are playing in advance.
Expected finish time
Teams are expected to play until at least 2.25pm and later where possible. Some
schools routinely finish prior to 3.00pm and should let the schools they are
playing know that they will need to catch their bus before 2.25pm.
Units for each sport are expected to be made up of approximately 20 children
(between 16 and 24 children is usual).
** if numbers are significantly different please contact the school you are playing in
All players are expected to be in their school sport/PE uniform as a minimum dress
standard. For sports like football and soccer, alternative tops should be supplied to
players because of the often wet and muddy conditions in second term.
Jewellery should not be worn for any LSSSA organised sports. Fingernail length
should also be checked particularly for netball and basketball.
Mouthguards are strongly encouraged for all sports, a brief letter home to parents is
advised stating the LSSSA position on this.

Changes to teams
If your team circumstances significantly change for a particular week please contact
the school you are playing and give them advanced notice. This should occur if, your
team numbers have dramatically changed, either significantly fewer or significantly
more than the expected unit number of between 15 and 20.
It is a good idea to let other teams know if your team if your team is particularly weak
or strong or if you will be arriving or departing outside the standard times.
The spirit of the competition
The LSSSA does not keep ladders or a record of wins and losses for individual
schools. It is in the spirit of our competition that if games are particularly one sided,
then the coach of the stronger team makes an attempt to “even up’ the game by
making positional changes, or appropriate substitutions. Players will understand why
these changes need to happen from time to time and if explained appropriately a
more enjoyable game can be experienced by all.
If you find that you have a team in division B and they have won three or four games
in a row, there is enough flexibility in the roster to move that team up to the A division
roster. The Roster Secretary should be informed at least the Friday prior to the next
All coaches should make an attempt at the conclusion of games to gather all
players together and give some general feedback on the afternoon. Three cheers for
the teams at this point is also appropriate.

Concerns and requests
The controlling body for the Friday Sport roster, the LSSSA, meet on the third
Wednesday of each month at 3.45pm (the TRC hotel meeting room). If
coaches have concerns or requests that they would like to be considered at one of
these meetings please, either attend in person or email your request or concern.

The LSSSA recommends the PSST Codes_of_behaviour


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